The Faces of Homeopathy


In 1905, William Harvey King, MD, wrote a four-volume history of homeopathy in the United States — The History of Homœopathy and Its Institutions in America .It was to remain the only work on the subject for 66 years. Then, in 1971 Martin Kaufman wrote his scholarly work, Homeopathy: The Rise and Fall of a Medical Heresy. It was followed, in 1973, by Harris Coulter's Divided Legacy: Science and Ethics in American Medicine 1800-1914.

Coulter's book, told us nothing of the decline of homeopathy through the 1920s. Kaufman, while discussing the critical period of 1920-1960, saw little hope of homeopathy surviving for more than another 10 years.

Yet, homeopathy arose from the ashes in the early 1970s, and has risen to a place of prominence in the health care field, world-wide. The Faces of Homœopathy is the first book to tell the whole story— from Hahnemann through the contemporary homeopaths in the 1990s. Through a narrative laced with 137 biographies, 365 illustrations, numerous anecdotes, and many personal reflections, the fascinating history of homeopathy, with its primary focus on The United States and England, comes to life.

The Book

What They Say

I can say without hesitation that Julian Winston is by far the most knowledgeable and reliable guide now writing in English, and that any friend of homeopathy will find in the book a bounty of unexpected treasures for both edification and delight. The book is a truly superb history of the movement that I have every reason to believe will stand the test of time.”

Richard Moskowitz, MD

“Julian Winston has penned the most delightful and impressive treatise on the history of homeopathy I have encountered. The book is detailed beyond belief, yet a joy to read. It is replete with an encyclopedic gallery of fascinating photos and numerous anecdotal side-bars of special interest. The Faces of Homœopathy is profoundly accurate, meeting the most stringent requirements of academia, yet it is pleasantly entertaining and engaging. It is certainly a must for all homeopaths and those interested in homeopathy and the history of medicine. A marvellous accomplishment!”

George Guess, MD, Editor JAIH

The Faces of Homœopathy is truly a magnificent work. It is fascinating, compelling, beautifully published, impressively accurate, and well written. Julian has unearthed a lot of great info about the people of homeopathy and has weaved together homeopathy's tapestry of personalities to present a coherent history of the dramas and traumas of homeopathy.”

Dana Ullman, MPH, Author and publisher

“This is an essential book for all teachers of homœopathy and is highly recommended for all senior students. The scholarship is superb and it is entertaining too. What more could you ask....? All college libraries should have several copies!!!”

Anthony Bickley RSHom, Principal, British School of Homœopathy

“With the appearance of Winston's work we now have a new and robust friend on the bookshelf. Even if your interest in the history of homeopathy is oblique do not delay in obtaining it, for you shall treasure it just as you do your materia medica or repertory.”

Jay Yasgur, RPh., Author of Yasgur's Homeopathic Dictionary

The Faces of Homœopathy is an exhaustive guided tour of every aspect of the subject, a delightful feast of information and biographies of all the main figures. This book is lavishly illustrated with many original photos and signatures not found elsewhere, and it makes very imaginative use of straight text, quotation material and personal narrative presented for the reader in a variety of print forms pleasing to the eye. It is hard to put this book down once opened!”

Peter Morrell, Honorary Research Associate in the History of Medicine, Staffordshire University, UK

“Julian Winston's The Faces of Homœopathy brings the history of homeopathy alive. The pioneers of homeopathy leap off the page. Julian Winston has combined excellent historical scholarship with a style of writing that captures the thoughts and words of the men and women who contributed to homeopathy over the past 200 years. This is a key text for anyone who wants to truly understand the development of homeopathic medicine.”

Wenda Brewster O'Reilly, Ph.D., Editor of Hahnemann's Organon of the Medical Art

“This is a great book and goes way beyond any other homeopathic history book in many ways. Offering the reader balance and pleasure must have been two of the main criterion in writing this book. There is something in it for all readers... Julian establishes and expresses an intimacy with the material that comes with his vast knowledge and his fluid, integrated understanding of the topic. His style invites participation and is accessible, never stuffy. That alone makes this historical account a great book... I do not find many books that are original, keep to the standard of impacting homeopathy for the better, and impacting homeopathy for the coming generations. This book does all that and more. Buy it. Read it. Give it to your friends. You will come to feel your place in the tradition of homeopathy and you will enjoy the ride.”

Paul Herscu, ND, DHANP, Editor New England Journal of Homeopathy


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