Errata Sheet for Faces of Homeopathy

Here are the errors found (so far) in the book. I have not gone over the references with a fine-toothed comb. There are probably a few typographical errors there...

Throughout: replace Boenninghausen with Bönninghausen (o with an umlaut)

Inside jacket: last paragraph, third line: replace "though" with "through."
Inside Cover: birthplace of Boenninghausen is OVERIJSSEL not Overyssel.
Page v: 16 lines from the bottom: Suriya Osman NOT Suryia
Page v: 5 lines from bottom: UAE not UAR
Page 8: Reference number 4: HERMANNSTADT not Hermanstadt; Reference number 18: BRAUNSCHWEIG not Brunswick; Reference number 25: WITTENBERG not Wittenburg.
Page 9: the letter comes from Bradford's, Life and Letters of Samuel Hahnemann, published by B&T, 1895, page 295.
Page 12: 7 lines from bottom PAGANINI not Pagannini
Page 13: 15 lines from bottom BOHRER-- without an umlaut over the "o"; photo is Père Lachaise NOT "la chaise."
Page 19: 4th line WISLICENUS not Wislicensus.
Page 26: 3rd word 4th line. wrong word: interest
Page 31: 21st line. Wurzburg has an umlaut over the first u.
Page 31: on map. spelling: ParAmaribo-- wiyth an "a" not an "i".
Page 38: full name of Lippe is Adolph Graf zur Lippe Bisterfeld-Weissenfeld
Page 39: spelling: Under "Neidhard", second line: "Lafayette."
Page 43: birthplace of Boenninghausen is OVERIJSSEL not Overssel.
Page 45: addition: Bönninghausen completed 115 volumes at the time of his death.
Page 51: update: under "Eclectic Physician" sidebar: The first school was started by Beach in 1827. It was called The United States Infirmary.
Page 53: Under Williamson. spelling: Podophyllum PELTATUM.
Page 66: 6th line in sidebar. He PLACED not place.
Page 68: translation of Hering letter. they take sauerkraut once a WEEK not once a meal.
Page 75: addition: Dunham first visited Bönninghausen in 1851. The second visit was in 1855.
Page 77: the quote "heard with regret and gloomy foreboding..." is from the IHA Transactions, 1880, page 5.
Page 78: typing error. two "the" in the first line! Remove one.
Page 95: bottom of sidebar: Quinquagintamillesimal. "ginta" not "genta."
Page 99: misspelling: Syzygium jambolanum.
Page 114: misspelling: Nash's middle name is "Beauharnais"
Page 179: The listing of Burnett's work is incomplete. The full list is appended at the end of these errata.
Page 219: Harris Coulter Bio. Harry suffered a massive stroke in 1998, that has left him paralyzed on the left side. He is no longer active in things homeopathic and remains at home with full-time care.
Page 224: correction: The AIH meeting photo was June 22, 1921
Page 229: The reference to the article by Cook: the date of the JAIH is the Autumn issue NOT the Summer issue.
Page 230: The definition is from the AIH transaction, 1899, page 102. Kent's Quote is from the Homoeopathician, #2 1912, page 3-12.
Page 233: The quote from Fielding Garrison is from Wood's Old Doctor of the New School page 283; the 4X potency quote is from page 292.
Page 253: the blurb under Boger. First line: "His granddaughter remembers him..." NOT remember.
Page 285: 5th line from bottom. "affect" NOT "effect"
Page 318: addition: Dr. Baker died April 18, 2003
Page 325: addition: Dr. Williams died November 2, 2002
Page 327: addition: Dr. Panos died July 29, 1999.
Page 328: 7th line from bottom: HOLTVOIGT not Holtvoight.
Page 371: "ND's in 11 States. The state of Washington was left out!
Page 373: The bio of Dr. Bastyr comes from and obituary of Dr. Bastyr that appeared in Simillimum, Fall 1995, written by Melanie Grimes with heartfelt love for Dr. B.
Page 395: Typo. The title. After "Mentality" there should be only one quotation mark.
Page 405: John Renner practiced in "Palatine" NOT "Palantine"
Page 452: The sidebar "Bias--again". The entire thing should be in quotation marks. It was said by Dana Ullman.
Page 468: 5th line from Bottom. BHI-Heel operates in NEW MEXICO not Arizona.
Page 489: Van Zandvoot was born in HAARLEN not Heerlen.
Page 562 following: much of the histories of many countries is still coming to light. It is impossible to update ALL of it. Perhaps I'll update some, at another time, and post it to the Web.
Page 563: Australian History. The Correct spelling is "Thienette de Bérigny"

The full list of Burnett's works:

1878: Natrum Mur As a Test of The Doctrine of Drug Dynamization
1879: Gold As a Remedy In Disease
1880: Curability Of Cataracts With Medicines
1880: On The Prevention Of Hare-Lip, Cleft Palate, And Other Congentital Defects
1881: Ecce Medicus, or Hahnemann As a Physician
1881: The Medicinal Treatment of Diseases Of The Veins
1882: Supersalinity of The Blood
1885: Valvular Disease of The Heart From a New Standpoint
1886: Diseases of The Skin From The Organismic Standpoint(Second edition In 1893 with the title, Diseases of The Skin: Their Constitutional Nature And Cure)
1887: Diseases of The Spleen
1888: Fevers And Blood Poisoning, And Their Treatment With Special Reference To The Use of Pyrogenium
1888: Tumours of The Breast and Their Cure
1888: Fifty Reasons For Being a Homeopath
1889: Cataract Its Nature and Cure
1889: On Fistula and Its Radical Cure By Medicines
1889: On Neuralgia: Its Causes and Remedies
1890: Consumption and Its Cure By Its Own Virus (this book was republished in 1894 as "Eight Years Experience In The New Cure of Consumption")
1891: The Greater Diseases of The Liver
1892: Ringworm: Its Constitutional Nature and Cure
1893: Curability of Tumours
1895: Delicate, Backward, Puny and Stunted Children
1895: Gout and Its Cure
1896: Organ Diseases of Women
1897: Vaccinosis and Its Cure By Thuja
1898: Change of Life In Women
1901: Enlarged Tonsils Cured by Medicine