Assorted thoughts

As I approach the passage from what we think of as our “earthly plane” to another, I would like to share a few miscellaneous ramblings. I hope you will indulge me.

If you want to understand MY cosmology, read Teaching the Big Stuff in the Design section.


I offer you the words to this song, written many years ago by Peter Rowan. Bless him for seeing this level of truth.

Can you open up the skies?
Can you answer all the lies?
Do you ever look upon her face with upturned eyes?

Tick a picket post
across the fenceposts of your mind, and wonder...
Of a time when love was blind and we were full of wonder.

How long has it been since you cried?
And kicked the Autumn leaves aside?
And laughed, through the tears,
At the passing of our years....

Let the laughter howl and scream,
we're players in the ancient dream
of a time when love was blind, and we were full of wonder.


Waking in the middle of night thinking of “last thoughts...." like the scene of Lee Marvin blowing out the candles over the coffin in "Cat Ballou" while singing "happy birthday"---

The Coppola movie "Tucker: The Man and His Dream" (with Dean Stockwell playing a great Howard Hughes) standing under the "Spruce Goose" ("They say it won't fly. That's not what it is about.")....he looks down at his hands after eating pistachios, gets a puzzled look and says in a troubled way... ""How do you get this red stuff off your hands?"

ONE: The BEST movie I have ever seen is “The Wild Bunch” by Sam Peckinpaugh.

If you see it and do not agree, then… watch it some more until you understand the depth of it.

It is the ultimate tragedy at the frontier of life, and starring a great ensemble including L. Q. Jones and Strother Martin.

Get the full-length (directors cut) DVD.

Holden to Ben Johnson: "Let's go."
Johnson to Holden: "Why not?"

What else to say?

TWO: A movie that outlines my view (sort of) of life after here on earth is “Defending Your Life.” A little hokey in the ending, but right on in all other ways.

THREE: The ultimate horror movie of the post-war geneneration, Terry Gilliam’s “ Brazil.” I have BEEN there. There are scenes in this movie I have visited in my dreams. I was amazed as they unfolded on the screen before my eyes.

(The torturer in " Brazil" in the last scene): "I think we lost him"

One of my fave “post-apocalyptic films is “The Postman” with Kevin Costner. In the course of the film Kostner comes across an armed settlement on a hill-top. He is met by a group that is led by Tom Petty. He looks at Petty and says,(rough quotes here!) “weren’t you famous”?: To which Petty says, “Yeah. I guess I was.”

And… two food movies:

Eating Raoul” and “Tampopo” the latter being a true search for excellence!

June 2005