American Homeopaths: 1825- 1963

compiled by Julian Winston

Available as a CD-ROM from Washington Homeopathic Products

Price: $30

This is a database of homeopaths who were practicing in the USA from 1825 until 1963. The database contains 25,277 names.

The fields are ordered as follows. Not all fields contain all the information. Often a first name was not given-- only initials. Schools and place of practice are referenced where known.


The CD-Rom contains the following files:

intro.pdf / intro.rtf

Identical files in pdf format and rtf format. This is an intro to the database and a commentary on the information within the fields.

details.pdf / details.rtf

An extended commentary on the process of developing the database and the problems and questionable areas encountered.


A printout of the database in alphabetical order. It is 1204 pages in length. The two fields relating to the book Medical Obituaries have been left off as well as the "female" field. This is, essentially, "the book." It is not searchable by field, nor can it be modified.

The complete database saved in Filemaker format for the Macintosh (the creator program). It was saved in Filemaker 2.1-- a very early version. Filemaker 5 or Filemaker 6 can open it. And since there is room, there is also database.fm5 , which is already saved in Filemaker 5/6


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