Layman Speaks logoThe Layman Speaks began publication in 1947 as the "outreach and publicity" arm of the American Foundation for Homeopathy. The editor was Arthur Green of Boston. When the National Center for Homeopathy was formed by the American Foundation in 1974, the NCH assumed publication of the magazine.

Green retired on his 90th birthday in 1974. Richard Dykeman served as editor until July 1977, when he was replaced by Alain Naude, who served until July 1978 when the magazine ceased publication.

The magazine had always operated at a loss, and the NCH finally decided to retire the journal.

During its 41 years of publication, The Layman Speaks re-published many articles from the older, hard to find journals, as well as material from European sources. There were many "testimonials" from those who used homeopathy, and many original articles about homeopathy. Arthur Green, an outspoken advocate of homeopathy, wrote at least one piece in every issue.

Articles from The Layman Speaks

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