The Allen Potentizer


"We have 250 Polychrest Remedies. The starting point is commenced with the CM Potency made on the Dr. James Tyler Kent potentizer. The late Dr. H. C. Allen originally conceived the idea of making these potencies by tubular method but considerable improvement has been made on this process by using a circular tube. Attached to this machine is a water filter, a motor and a water meter that registers the actual amount of water used. The receiver is a specially designed glass beaker, by Dr. James Tyler Kent. After a remedy is run up to its highest point (DMM) this beaker is broken, so that it will not be used again for another remedy. The remedy to be run up is placed into this beaker. The tubes are set so they will strike the bottom of the bowl at different angles letting the surplus water slowly flow over the sides of the beaker. This beaker is placed into a solid mould so as to prevent it from breaking on account of the heavy water pressure. "

— E & K Catalog

This is the only description of the Allen Potentizer. It appears to be a fluxion machine using a flow of water to raise the potency.

©2000 Julian Winston