Cured Symptoms

Edward Rushmore, MD, Plainfield, N. J.

Edward Rushmore (1845-1925) was one of the "guiding lights" of the IHA. When E. J. Lee was editing the second edition of Lippe's Repertory (which eventually served as the base for the Kent Repertory), he credited Rushmore with giving him "more than 300 pages of notes."

Rushmore was the IHA President in 1983. He was, as it is obvious from reading these symtoms below, a very high potency prescriber.

Transactions of the International Hahnemannian Assoiciation 1895, page 180.

Numbness hands and forearms at night from tips of outer fingers to near elbow, whether lain on or not. Silicea 40m

Boring in right jaw. Stront. carb. 200

Pain running down from right hip. Nux vom. 94m

Dirty taste, heaviness like a lump in stomach after eating. Head dull as of a band across forehead. Bryonia cm

Fluttering action of heart, many cases. Nat. mur.

Tight feeling across nose, and throbbing in it. Sulph. mm

Nose feels as in beginning of a heavy cold every morning. Sulph. 2mm

Roaring in head on waking in morn till afternoon, going to left ear. Sulph. mm.

Severe backache in morning in bed. Nux v. 94m.

Ringing in ears, worse after riding, in a case of dyspepsia. Sulph. 81m

Trembling around heart. Sulph. cm.

Pain as in veins of left wrist, extending upward. Pulsat. cm